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This article will give you 10 tips for Facebook Live that will help you when it comes to marketing your brand online. Since it surfaced, Facebook Live has become a genuine marketing and broadcasting tool on the world’s largest social platform. According to Facebook, there have been over 3.5 billion Live broadcasts, generated by hundreds of millions of users. Almost two billion users have watched a Live broadcast. That is more than a quarter of the entire population of the world. To get started with Facebook Live, you only need your mobile device. With this level of potential to connect directly with fans and new customers in real time, this is a marketing tool that is well worth exploring for all businesses. 

So, here are 10 tips for using Facebook Live.

1. 10 Tips For Facebook Live: Plan your broadcast

10 Tips For Facebook Live

Broadcasting live means you cannot plan precisely what is going to happen. However, that does not mean you should just wing it. As with any type of content online, a Facebook Live broadcast should have a purpose. 

Prior to Facebook streaming, ensure that you have given some thought to what your broadcast is about. Know what you want to say or do in it. Think about why it makes sense as a Facebook Live stream as opposed to some other format of content. 

Prepare a list of talking points ahead of time and have it to hand. You may not even need them. However, they can save your broadcast if you suddenly freeze once the camera is on.

2. 10 Tips For Facebook Live: Be yourself

Whilst viewers expect social video to be polished, audiences typically enjoy the opposite in Facebook Live video. Production value tends to be less professional and more raw, which most viewers perceive as more authentic. 

3. 10 Tips For Facebook Live: Notify followers in advance

10 Tips For Facebook Live

Let people know about your live stream in advance with teaser posts on Facebook and other networks. Facebook recommends telling your audience about your live stream one day in advance and asking viewers to subscribe to Live notifications so they will always know when you go live. Simply ask them to click the follow button at the bottom of your Facebook Live video. 

4. 10 Tips For Facebook Live: Check your Internet connection and equipment

10 Tips For Facebook Live

It is crucial to ensure you have a strong signal prior to broadcasting. Whilst WiFi is ideal, if it is unavailable, a 4G connection works well. If your connection is not good enough, the Go Live button will be greyed out and you will not be able to begin your live broadcast. 

You should also check your equipment ahead of time. Try setting your Facebook Live audience to Only Me to preview how well your lighting and sound equipment is working prior to sharing your video with your fans. 

5. Write a compelling description of your video

Your description lets people know what your video is about. A good one catches the audience’s attention and a bad one, or worse, none at all, makes it all the more likely they will continue to scroll. Use your description to tell a story. Give context about what your broadcast is about and ensure you make it clear why people would want to watch. 

6. Tag your location

Add your location to your Live video so it shows up on the Facebook Live Map and gives you a larger chance of being discovered by new viewers. The map showcases public live videos from all over the world and is one of the most effective ways for viewers to discover live videos from publishers they do not already follow. 

7. Remember people might join part-way through

Not everyone will join your live stream immediately. Facebook recommends broadcasting for at least ten minutes to reach the most people. So, give your video a great intro, but do not try to cram everything into the first couple of minutes, since some people may miss what you say. 

If you are interviewing another person, a classic radio interview technique can help create context for people who join your live video in progress. Every so often, say your guest’s name at the start of a question to let viewers know who you are talking to without disrupting the flow of the conversation. 

A brand watermark or branded background can also help ensure people have some context for what they are watching as soon as they join your live stream. This is another reason why it is crucial to write a compelling and informative description of your video. 

8. Engage with your audience

As with any type of social content, engagement is a crucial component on Facebook Live video. Facebook recommends saying hello to commenters by name, then responding to their comments. It can be challenging to keep up with audience comments if you are the one hosting the video. If possible, assign someone to respond to the comments as they filter in, so you can focus your energies on speaking.

This person can let you know if there is a question you should answer live, or can point people to relevant resources in the comments. Think about what resources you may need in advance so you can have a list at your fingertips as the questions start filtering in. To encourage engagement, try pinning a comment that asks viewers a question relevant to your video content. Just write your comment, post it, then tap it and tap Pin this Comment. 

9. Reuse your work

Your live video will remain visible on Facebook after it ends. But you may also consider editing it into one or more shorter videos that highlight certain topics you spoke about or great moments. You can then share these as regular Facebook videos, or post them to other social media platforms. This ensures you reach people on the platforms they use, rather than making them come to you. 

That being said, when you share your video on other platforms, you can mention that the content comes from a Facebook Live stream and encourage fans to follow you on Facebook or sign up for Live Video notifications if they want to be the first to see your new live video content. 

10. Go Live on a regular basis

The Facebook algorithm considers how frequently viewers return to watch your content, as well as how many you retain on a weekly basis. Broadcasting live on a regular basis will encourage viewers to come back regularly, since they know what to expect from you and when. 


This article gave you 10 tips for Facebook Live that will come in very helpful when marketing your brand online. Facebook Live is a great marketing tool that you do not want to miss out on. Live videos are definitely a winner on social media, they get six times more interactions than regular Facebook videos and have received more than 150 billion responses from fans. All you need is your phone, so what are you waiting for? I hope this guide helps you on your Facebook Live venture!



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