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Facebook has had its ups and downs when it comes to marketing. It was the first social media platform to launch ads and it has since become a benchmark for how other social sites run their ad algorithms. Of course, it has not been without its controversies. Facebook still remains an immensely powerful marketing tool. If you compare it to the other social platforms out there, Facebook remains the biggest. It has over 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion daily active users. This is why marketers need to pay attention to how they treat their Facebook presence. 

Here are 11 Facebook marketing tips that will leave your rivals in the dust:

Facebook Marketing Tip #1: Profile Picture

Profile Picture

First impressions are definitely something that counts. Given that your brand’s profile picture represents the first element that potential followers will see. This makes imagery a vital piece of your Facebook strategy. With 180×180 pixels to work with, brands should strive to keep their profile pictures simple. Cramming a ton of text or compressing a massive image into such a small space does not look well. High-quality close-ups and head shots are common for those running a solo brand. You could also use the brand logo. Don’t just throw up any old picture on your profile and call it a day. Give it some thought.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2: Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Not unlike your profile picture, cover photos represent another vital piece of imagery. They can potentially “wow” visitors. Taking up a significant chunk of real estate on your page, your cover photo sets the tone for everything below the fold. Also, cover photos are a prime place for brand slogans and calls-to-action. Facebook has introduced cover videos which are another way to grab the attention of visitors. With video lengths between 20 and 90 seconds within the 820×312 pixel limit for covers, there are plenty of options for brands to be creative.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3: Don’t Ignore Native Video

Facebook Marketing

Between Facebook Live and the platform’s native video player, video content marketing and Facebook go hand in hand. The domination of video has been a long time coming. Video is eye-catching, entertaining and capable of stopping scrolling users in their tracks. Video represents the ideal way to encourage fans to spend more time engaging with your brand. It is not as easy as slapping up the occasional YouTube video into your feed though. According to Adweek, native video on Facebook is favoured by the platform’s algorithm. It receives exponentially more comments and shares as a result. Whether it is a live Q&A or tutorial style content, consider how you can start incorporating video content into your feed. 

4. Post More Than Just Links

Facebook Marketing

Diversifying your content distribution represents one of the biggest Facebook marketing tips for brands looking to show up in their followers’ feeds. To start, posting solely self-promotional content is not going to do much to gain new followers. While there is nothing wrong with linking out to your blog or products, external links should not be the only source of your content. Facebook prefers posts that stay within their walls. So, incorporate solely text-based photos or videos into your feed.

Facebook Marketing Tip #5: Image Sizes

Facebook Marketing

Facebook does a majority of the work when it comes to the overall design and formatting of pages. That being said, optimising the images for your posts, links and previews is on you. For example, do you know how your Facebook page looks on desktop versus mobile? Are visitors missing out if they are visiting you via smartphone? Much like your profile and cover photos, social image sizing deserves your attention for your entire Facebook page. So, do not change up images or post links on a whim. Ensure they look clean. Remember, it is all about keeping up that strong first impression.

Facebook Marketing Tip #6: Optimise Your Post Timing

Optimise Post Timing

On Facebook, your timing is everything. An essential part of optimising engagement is not necessarily a matter of what you are posting. Rather, it is a matter of when you are posting. Optimising your post timing does not have to mean posting in real-time. If you schedule your social media posts, you can set up your Facebook to automatically push content during peak engagement hours. Scheduling your posts in advance is a must-do for brands. Especially if you are looking to tick off all of the boxes of what makes an effective Facebook presence. Not only can you post when your followers are most active, but also ensure that you are diversifying your content output rather than just going with the flow.

Facebook Marketing Tip #7: Double-Dip Content


Not all Facebook marketing tips necessarily apply to the realm of Facebook alone. Brands need to take steps to funnel as many of their current visitors, past customers and other social followers to Facebook. Think about your email list. Blog traffic. Instagram followers. Why are they not part of your Facebook funnel? The key is discovering opportunities to double-dip your content beyond Facebook. Some examples include: 

  • Embedding native Facebook videos in your blog posts. 
  • Promoting a Facebook contest to your Instagram or Twitter followers. 
  • Including social media buttons on your homepage and throughout your email campaigns. 

Considering the sheer amount of time users spend on Facebook, turning your current leads into long-term followers should be the ultimate goal of any brand.

Facebook Marketing Tip #8: Speed Up Your Response Time

Speed Up Response Times

Often standing out among your competitors means providing the best customer care. People have high expectations from brands. Especially when it comes to responding to their questions and concerns. In fact, the average consumer expects a response from brands within four hours on social media. So, do not let your comments section gather cobwebs. While you cannot be everywhere at once, you should make a conscious effort to respond to alerts and notifications. Doing so shows that you value your followers’ time. In addition, it could be the difference between losing a potential customer or fan for good. The need for speedier brand responses signals another reason why social scheduling is so vital. By having your content sorted out in advance, you can put your focus on follower outreach and engagement. 

Facebook Marketing Tip #9: Don’t Ignore Your Analytics


As part of putting these Facebook marketing tips into action, ensure that you are keeping a close eye on your social analytics. Analytics clue you in on which type of content gets the most clicks and impressions. It helps you to optimise your Facebook strategy. In regards to which type of posts drive engagement. If you find your audience is not growing, chances are it is time to make a change. However, until you review your presence by the numbers, you will never know.

Facebook Marketing Tip #10: Experiment with New Ad Formats

Facebook Marketing

Marketers are taking advantage of Facebook’s highly-targeted ad platform like never before. In addition, they are seeing huge returns as a result. That being said, if you have not spent some serious time experimenting with Facebook’s ad creator, you need to carve out some time to review what it has to offer. Just because you ran a static ad a few years ago to no avail does not mean you should give up on Facebook advertising. From video ads to promoted posts and beyond, Facebook ads afford flexibility and features like no other social ad platform out there.

#11: Hone in Your Ad Targeting

Facebook Marketing

Lastly, optimising your Facebook ads ultimately boils down to your target audience. Most first-timers make the mistake of trying to run an ad that is far too broad. As a result, they quickly blow out their budget. Facebook ads enable you to get ultra-granular. This is in terms of targeting location, demographics and interests. This means brands can zero in on a specific audience rather than settling for a shot in the dark. Also, trying out new ad formats, honing in on your target audience may take some time. Given the ROI of Facebook ads, doing so is definitely worthwhile in the long run. 


Fine-tuning your Facebook marketing does not necessarily require an entire overhaul of your page. Implement these tips sooner rather than later. For brands looking to quickly improve their Facebook presence over their competitors, this is your guide. 



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