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Your content is all published and you have registered all your social accounts. Now what? How do you get the word out about your pages and where do you focus your time? These social media promotion ideas will kickstart your marketing initiatives. First, let’s get some of  the basics out of the way. You want to ensure you are taking full advantage of the space in your profiles. Therefore, the first step of promoting your social media accounts is ensuring people know where to find you. So, get all of your ducks in a row. 

Here are 12 clever social media promotion ideas to get you from the start to the finish line of your campaign. 

1. Social Media Ideas For Promotions: Fill Out the Profile

Fill Out Profile

This may seem like a no-brainer, however you would be surprised at what you may be missing out on. Unless you are going for an ultra-minimalistic look, your brand’s Facebook Page should be filled out. Add a monthly check-in to your social media checklist to explore new features. In the About tab, you have space to add links, including other social networks’ profiles. The Story section allows you to give more information about your company in a storytelling format.

2. Add Your Branded Hashtags


Instagram recently added the ability to link other accounts and hashtags to your bio. Previously, people had to make do with memorizing the hashtags or creatively using an emoji. Now, you can use the space to promote other location-specific amounts and add hashtags. These hashtags can be your standard branded ones or special hashtags like for a contest. These hashtags can be your standard branded ones or special hashtag, like for a contest.

3. Social Media Ideas For Promotions: Cross-Promote Across Channels

Across Channels

Some of the easiest cross-promotion for cross channels is occasionally reminding your followers that you have other social media accounts. It can look like a link to the social media page accompanied with a call-to-action asking people to follow the account. For a much more subtle approach on cross-promotion, use space in your bio to mention that you are on other networks. For Snapchat-heavy users, a profile photo change to their Snapcode works well.

4. Use Unique or Branded Social Icons on Your Website


If customers are looking for you, your website is typically the first to pop up in the search results. Make it simple for them to find the social networks that you are on. Many website themes now incorporate social media icons that you can easily fill out. Take the icons a step further by adding your brand’s graphics or colors to it. Some websites use short banners whilst others are happy with simply changing the color.

5. Social Media Ideas For Promotions: Promote Your Social Accounts in Newsletters & Email Signatures


If you are sending newsletters out on a regular basis, add the social icons at the base. It is another subtle reminder to the recipients that you are there if they need to find you. For a more direct approach in promoting your social media accounts in your newsletter, add a fan section where you showcase a photo from the community. Most newsletter services allow for embeds. However, if yours does not, a photo upload with an account link will suffice. If your company often emails externally, like to potential sales clients, add links to your email signature. This is another branding opportunity and should be used to its full potential.

6. Create Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads

There are many ways to target someone with ads on Facebook. To start with, you can add the Facebook Pixel to your website. Once you have completed that, you can set up ads to target website visitors automatically. Take advantage of Facebook’s audience data to target interest groups. If you have recently shopped online for shoes, you may notice that you are receiving more shoe ads than before. This is because Facebook noted your shopping habits and added you to that interest category.

7. Social Media Ideas For Promotions: Tag Products to Your Posts

Social Media Ideas

A feature available on Instagram and Facebook is shoppable tags. These are a must for retail brands as they identify your products to your customers. Then your customers can easily purchase from your website through the tag.

8. Provide Social-Only Discounts

Social Media Ideas

In traditional advertising, you see weekly deals in the newspaper or receive discounts in email. Social is not any different. These discounts are served to a certain segment of your audience and end after some time. The simplest way is to offer a code in a post. Experiment around with social-only discounts. Try doing flash deals with limited quantities in Instagram Stories or posting an Offer on Facebook.

9. Contests & Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways

These are a no-brainer for brand awareness. Setting up a low-barrier contest for your brand is easy and there are many examples of successful contests. Therefore, the easiest giveaways are those where the fans have to do very little to enter. These are also the highest in engagement. As a result, I definitely recommend giving this one a go.

10. Alter Your Approach Per Network

Social Media Ideas

Writing the same copy for every network will not get you the best results. In other words, your audience on LinkedIn is likely not the same as the one on Facebook and that is okay. Although you may use the same photos or videos, your copy needs to change. As a result, after examining how your audiences are different, you should experiment with various tones and vocabulary. If your sales partners are mostly on LinkedIn, then your copy will be more sales-oriented. If your audience on Snapchat is younger, then you will use more gifs and memes.

11. Get Your Employees Involved

Social Media Ideas

Employee advocacy is fast becoming a major source of content amplification for brands. With the help of your loyal staff, you can encourage them to promote specific and tailored messages directly to their social channels for further reach. Therefore, if you know your campaign has a likely target audience matching your employees, get them involved with easily shareable content.

12. Create an Ambassador or Loyalty Program

Social Media Ideas

The entire idea of an ambassador program is based on brand awareness. Therefore, you work with passionate customers who want to talk about your product to all their friends. It is naturally designed for brand awareness. Creating and supporting an ambassador program takes time and patience. If you do not have the resources, consider setting up a loyalty or referral program instead. Hand your loyal customers some referral codes and reward them with a discount when their referral purchases. Once this has launched, you can announce this on social media and let customers know when you comment on their posts. As a result, all of your social media efforts would be debatable without some amount of measurement. So, be sure to track your campaign successes and failures. 


Get ready to kickstart your marketing initiatives with these 12 clever social media promotion ideas. There are plenty more social media promotion ideas out there to try and new features continuously being released. Rather than confusing yourself on Google with the amount of ideas out there, start with this list and master it before moving onto the more complex ideas. 



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