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LinkedIn has over 500 million professional profiles. The platform allows you to form a strong network. One between other professionals and like-minded individuals. LinkedIn has the ability to connect you with potential employers. This is done through their powerful job board. It can also offer you an opportunity. One to build your professional brand. LinkedIn can help rank your name on Google. Not to mention, the platform will keep you up to date on industry news. In addition, through LinkedIn’s help, you can grow your personal network. 


We live in an era where online presence is continuing to grow in importance. It has never been more necessary to work on your personal branding. It may appear as though your profile is lost among the millions of others. However, making your profile stand out is not as hard as you think. How do you ensure your profile does not go overlooked? Here are 5 crucial steps to optimise your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive & Well Rounded


The best method to this is filling out as much of your profile as you can. Include lots of information on your profile. This means your chances are higher of gaining new connections. In addition, this helps you stand out to potential employers or customers. It is also vital to keep the content on your page clear. In addition, make it easy to follow. That way, your profile visitors will see the information they are looking for. Rather than them having to sift through content that is irrelevant. 

Another way to make your profile easier to find is by customising your URL. Customising your URL is a quick, easy way to make your profile standout. A custom URL also comes across as a cleaner look. This is more so if you desire to include your LinkedIn profile on business cards. Alternatively, if you wish to include it on your email signature. 

  • Make Your LinkedIn Profile Easier to Find with Keywords


You want more profile visits. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your profile is easy to find. This can be done by using keywords throughout your profile. Keywords will gain you a higher search engine page ranking. This in return will allow prospective customers to discover you easily. 

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques correctly can greatly impact your visitor traffic. Aside from your name, your Professional Headline is the most highly rated field in the index. It is vital to have keywords listed in your headline field. Ones to boost your ranking among other users who have the same terms.

Keywords can also be added to your title. For example, rather than having the title “Senior Consultant”, adding “Senior Consultant – IT Project Management”. This will help to give a clearer explanation of your position. It will also help to get in as many appropriate keywords as possible. Having skills that are endorsed also plays a heavy factor into your profile searchability. So, it is beneficial to include keywords. In addition, it is vital to accept endorsements on them. 

Not everyone comprehends SEO concepts. However, it is crucial to remember that more content to your profile, particularly with relevant keywords, will result in more visitors. 

  • Use LinkedIn Status Updates to Your Advantage


LinkedIn status updates serve as the perfect opportunity to improve your personal brand. They can help expand your influence and generate leads. LinkedIn performed its own research. Their research shows that by posting every weekday, you will reach 60% of your unique audience. Another study showed that people looking for jobs improved their chances of being contacted by a recruiter ten times just by posting weekly status updates. 

LinkedIn status updates have the ability to have a major impact. This is unlike status updates on other social media platforms. The reason is because a LinkedIn status update showcases your professional status and features your photo, name, title, business and engagement metrics. 

You can use LinkedIn status updates to your advantage. You can do this by sharing news stories about your company. Alternatively, you can share updates about your work with those in your network. You can post an article that your followers find compelling. Alternatively, you can post an image that engages and provides value. Update your status regularly. This shows your network that you are active in your industry. It also shows them that you keep up to date with relevant news. 

  • Join and Create LinkedIn Groups

Join and Create LinkedIn Groups

Whether you create a group or join an industry related group, the icons for those groups will appear on your profile. LinkedIn Groups have useful management features. Ones that are not available on other social media platforms. These features allow you to send an overview of daily or weekly activities. Ones that occurred within the group to members as a summary. Are you going to create a LinkedIn Group for your brand? Remember, it is vital to make the focus on topics that your customers care about. Rather than focusing on promoting your company. This will spark more conversation and engagement among your customers in the group. Successfully run LinkedIn Groups can help provide you with a great place to build your professional community. 

  • Give & Receive Quality Recommendations

Give and Receive Quality Recommendations

Asking and giving recommendations broadens your network. It helps you to establish a positive reputation. Having recommendations and endorsements can help you to stand out in a sea of profiles. However, receiving vague recommendations can actually have the opposite effect. A good way to begin is by improving the quality of recommendations that you give others. Have you asked for a recommendation? you can provide that person with some guidelines. This will help the recommendation to stand out. 

A good recommendation will include:

  • Your key strengths
  • Why it was enjoyable to work with you
  • One word that the person writing your recommendation would describe you with
  • A problem that the person writing your recommendation had which you helped them to overcome. 

You can make all of these points stronger. Just remember it is vital to reinforce each idea with a specific example. Any recommendation is great to receive. However, highlight your benefits and the value that you bring. This can really help you to stand out. Particularly in a crowded job market.


Social media is a great place to grow your business. With all that being said, LinkedIn is also an effective platform for this. However, it is important to know how to optimise it. These five tips to optimise your LinkedIn profile should put you in the right direction. Remember: make your profile attractive and well rounded. In addition, make your profile easily discoverable with keywords and use status updates to your advantage. Do not forget to join and create LinkedIn groups. Finally give and receive quality recommendations. As a result, you have it in the bag now, best of luck!



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