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This article will discuss the importance of having a digital marketing strategy for your online food ordering business. Digital marketing is not a new concept. However, with the continuous arrival of new technologies and trends, it is evolving constantly. Everyone is aware of its importance. Although, without incorporating the latest tactics and trends in the digital marketing mix, a business cannot reap its maximum benefits. 

For online food ordering businesses, digital marketing can be a powerful tool in promoting, as well as running the business itself. The prime target customer base remains constantly active on different online channels and are increasingly tech savvy. 

Therefore, it makes sense for online food ordering businesses to capitalise on this. They can do so by reaching out and connecting with these customers on the various digital marketing channels. In this article, we are going to explain how you can leverage the full potential of digital marketing for online food ordering businesses. 

Digital Marketing Strategy For Online Food Ordering Businesses: Begin With The Basics: Search Engine Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

You need to start with the basics before jumping into anything else. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website has a good online presence and that it has everything necessary to rank high in the search engines and to increase traffic. This is where search engine marketing comes in. First things first, ensure that your food ordering website has key SEO elements in place. For example, manageable meta tags, image alt tag, URL structure and much more to be able to rank high in the search engines. Remember to also optimise your website content by including relevant keywords such as ‘order food online’, ‘online food ordering’, ‘food delivery in [your location]’. This will help customers easily discover you and ultimately result in better ranking.

Digital Marketing Strategy For Online Food Ordering Businesses: Get Creative on Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media is a brilliant avenue for online food ordering businesses. However, you need to ensure you are doing it right and find ways to grab customers’ attention. The answer to doing so is by being different to your competitors. So, how do you level up your social media game? When you are running an offer or discount, let the food do the talking through food photography that is mouthwatering. Besides being creative, also pay attention to your customers’ needs. Reply to their comments and queries in a timely manner. Pay attention to their feedback and run offers and loyalty programs exclusively on social media to further solidify your presence there. 

Acknowledge The Power Of Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Nothing works as well as word of mouth marketing. It’s because as human beings we like to hear about other people’s opinions. Once place where word of mouth is particularly powerful is for influencer marketing. How can you implement influencer marketing for your online food ordering business? Get in touch with food bloggers to review your food and give them a discount code to share with their followers. This will also help hugely with brand awareness. Just Eat already does this with a number of influencers and are very successful in this approach. 


Although it is essential to act on the latest techniques and trends when running a digital marketing campaign for your online food ordering platform, it is also important to keep the customers’ need at the center of it. Your end customers use multiple devices, have busy schedules and are tech savvy, they prefer convenience over price and want quality food. Once you have implemented these digital marketing practices, your customer base will grow and your online presence will flourish.




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