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This article will discuss how to boost online food orders with social media. Once your restaurant online ordering has been set up, it is not always simple to keep it going. Occasionally customers will get over the original alluring process and forget about just how simple it is to get the food they want in a quick and efficient manner. Most restaurants look to social media to help them to get their customers to order from them online and they are dead right in doing this. You can encourage your customers to order online with you by using social media. Don’t know how? Let’s get into it. 

Boost Online Orders: Post Mouthwatering Images From Your Restaurant

Boost Online Orders

The simplest way to use social media is to create a large following and then provide them with information about ordering food online. This can be anything from a screenshot of the system to a photograph of your mouth watering meals. 

Although the mouth watering food pictures will probably be a bit better here. Customers shop for food with their eyes so they will definitely order from you if you post some tasty images. This not only encourages customers to follow you on social media but they may get friends or family to follow you too saying, wow look at this restaurant’s delicious food.

It’s not difficult to share online and make sure that your message reaches a crowd. Some restaurants are so far reaching on social media that they have created full-time positions that allow employees to monitor the social accounts to make sure that it is kept up to date and that customers are being responded to on time. 

Do you struggle with getting more people to pay attention to you on social media? Well, what could help with that is a promotional code for using your online ordering. You should have rules such as that to access the code, individuals must follow the restaurant. 

In addition, say that more promotional codes will be added in the future. The idea of having promo codes posted in the future will help you to attract people to connect with your restaurant and therefore, purchase from you.

Boost Online Orders: Encourage Customers To Post & Share Photographs

Boost Online Orders

Sometimes, your restaurant does not need to do all the posting to get people interested in ordering online. Rather, the challenge can be given to customers. As people post, they can tag you in their photographs creating a social media spider web that customers cannot avoid.

This will help greatly in bringing in more people. Plus, it’s more trustworthy when it comes from customers. This is because you are naturally going to be biased to your own business. Unfortunately, not many people will do this simply out of the goodness of their heart. 

Therefore, it is essential to encourage customers to create posts or share photographs that they can link back to your restaurant. You could do a simple contest to get people motivated to post something on their newsfeed that lots of other people will see.

If the numbers begin to go down, do another promotion to encourage more posts. The amount of advertising that comes through social media is well worth the cost of running a giveaway.


This article discussed how to boost online food orders with social media. Don’t sit back and allow others to take over the social media world. Rather, increase the number of people ordering from you by creating social media accounts and posting to them. Post photographs and information and encourage customers to do the exact same. The cost for setting up these accounts is next to nothing and the potential is truly unlimited. So, start using social and boost those online ordering numbers. 



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