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AIn the last article we spoke about why you should create a YouTube business account. A step by step guide was included on how to create it from filling out the details of your YouTube business account, channel icon and art work, channel description, featured channels and activity. Now that you know how to create your channel, here are some tips on optimising it so that you get plenty of engagement and traffic. 

1. Add a channel trailer to your YouTube Account for Business

Channel Trailer

The best place for creators to begin for video optimisation is by creating a channel trailer. These videos are meant to introduce first-time viewers to your channel and ultimately outlines the type of content they should expect. The duration of these videos is typically less than a minute long and serve as a supplement to your channel’s ‘About’ page. Examples you should check out are Animoto and remember to keep it short, simple and to the point.

2. Optimise your YouTube Account for Business

YouTube Account for Business

Each video you create is a new opportunity to gain subscribers and get views. It may be cliche but every creator has the potential to blow up over time if they are crafting the correct content that resonates with their audience. 

Here are some key aspects to pay attention to when optimising your YouTube channel:

-Relevant keywords and phrases in the titles and descriptions

-Crafting custom captions and transcripts that make your videos easier for YouTube to crawl

-Creating unique thumbnail images that catch the eyes of potential viewers

-Tagging your videos to make them show up in relevant search queries

It sounds like a lot of work but after getting the hang of uploading and creating content for your YouTube business channel, the fine details of optimisation quickly becomes second nature. 

Tips for promote your YouTube Account for Business 

YouTube Account for Business

-Write engaging titles

YouTube marketing is all about presentation. Titles are make or break when it comes to your video’s performance. Be sure to ask yourself: are you presenting your content as ‘must see’ or ‘meh’. Grab your audience’s attention without resorting to clickbait headlines. People crave content that is entertaining and they also want to know what your video is about from the word ‘go’. 

-Step up your YouTube SEO

Some food for thought: YouTube videos show up in 70% of the top 100 Google search results. In order to increase your chances of showing up, you will want to follow some of the best practices for YouTube SEO. 

-Titles and description

Include target keywords in your titles and descriptions. 

Mention keywords in your video

Target keywords in your video can help YouTube better understand what your video is about. 


YouTube uses engagement (likes, comments, views) to help determine where videos rank in its search results. 


Use the categories to help YouTube get a better understanding of who to show your videos to. 


You can also add tags to your videos to give YouTube more context about your content. You can use quite a few tags, so add as many as you can think of.

3. Figure Out What Your Audience Wants


With any type of content you produce, you want to make sure it is aligned with what your audience wants. Whether you are writing a blog post or creating a video, begin by getting to know your audience and what type of content they want to see from you. Therefore, if you are just starting to promote your YouTube channel, look at your competitors or other video creators in your industry. Look at their videos that get the most views and engagement. This will give you an idea of what topics your audience would like to learn about and what style of videos they prefer.

4. Customise your thumbnails

YouTube Account for Business

One of the easiest yet most effective methods to promote your YouTube channel is creating custom thumbnails. Therefore, tink of your title and thumbnail as a sort of one-two punch to grab a viewer’s attention. By default, YouTube snags a screenshot from any given video and uses it for the thumbnail. Unfortunately, sometimes the image it grab will be a blurry short of you adjusting the camera which does not look good. Therefore, creating thumbnails yourself makes your videos look more appealing and professional. They do not have to be difficult, you can use a template from a resource such as Canva. 

5. Cross-promote your videos on YouTube

Cross Promote

To squeeze more out of your older content, make a point to cross-promote your videos when it makes sense. 

How to promote your YouTube business channel for the long-term

It should not come as a surprise that video content represents some of ‘the most engaged with’ on social media and the web at large. As a result, you cannot take an ‘if you create it, it will come’ approach to growing your audience. 

Whether through social scheduling, commenting on other videos or running ads, finding new opportunities to promote your YouTube channel should be a top priority for any budding creator. 


There is no denying that mastering YouTube will take time. The initial setup of a new account is relatively straightforward. The more challenging part is growing a YouTube audience but it is made easier by fully optimising your account using tips like engaging titles, stepping up your YouTube SEO, knowing what your audience wants, customising your thumbnails and cross promoting your content. By sticking to the tips outlined in both part one of two of this guide, your channel should be running and successful in no time. 



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