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Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic of interest. The intention of content curation is generally adding value. The people who implement content curation are called curators. Content curation involves planning topics your audience loves and searching for content from others that ties into those topics. In addition, it involves analysing your audience’s interests and sharing only the best information you find on your social networks for your audience. This piece will discuss the benefits of curating content. It will also include some tips so you can get started curating content for your social media channels. 

Benefits of Curating Content for Social Content

Efficient & Cost-Effective Social Content

Social Content

Since you are not being slowed down by having to create every single piece of content yourself, curation is an effective way to still have a content marketing strategy in place. You do not have to invest a large amount of money and time. 

Curated Social Content Can Position Your Brand as a Thought Leader

Social Content


Once you have gotten to know your audience and your curating only the best, most share-worthy content tailored to them, you will be recognised as a trustworthy and dependable specialist in your industry. In other words, they will trust that you know exactly what you are talking about. 

Maintain Conversations With Your Audience Through Curated Social Content

Social Content

It is vital that you figure out exactly who your audience is. You need to know what kind of content they enjoy and want to share, particularly in the early stages of your content initiative. The only way to do this by experimenting with several different content types.

By curating and tracking performance, you will quickly figure out what your audience finds valuable. In addition, you will discover what format they like to consume, from which sources, at what time in the day etc. For audiences that are more mobile and social, content curation is an effective way to begin and maintain conversation every day. It also allows you to be present with your audience without making it all about you. 

It’s a Great Way to Connect With Influencers


Behind the scenes, the relationship you establish with other influencers in the space by showcasing their work is a happy byproduct of content curation. As a curator, when you share someone else’s content, you are giving it more exposure and doing so in a favourable light. 

Tips for Curating Content

Know What and How to Curate


No one wants their news feed packed with bad content, so simply publishing posts for the sake of needing to do it is not a good idea. Look for the best content, articles you personally enjoy, the content that sparks conversation within your audience and generates shares. Ensure the content is actually helpful. This means you actually have to read, can you handle it? 

You must be willing to go past the headline and ensure the content you are going to share is well-written, well-thought and accessible. Nothing is more irritating than following a link to a piece of content that you cannot read unless you subscribe. Unless you know your audience is mostly subscribed to a website, share that content by linking, summarising, commenting on and quoting it in your own standalone blog post. 

Identify What Types of Content your Audience Likes to See


Does your audience have a preference for videos over blog posts, quizzes over polls? Identify what resonates with your audience and try to curate your content types around that. How do you know what your audience likes? Look back no more than six months into your social news feed history. Look for trends in what your audience responded to. If you witness a 35% increase in engagement when you post videos, focus on curating video content posts. Look to your audience and they will tell you what they want to see. 

Make Sure the Content you Post is from a Reputable Source


Any content that you curate must come from a reputable source. No one will want to read poor, boring or inaccurate content. No matter what industry you are in, check your sources. 

Make Sure the Content You Curate Matches Your Brand Standards

Ask yourself the following before you schedule an article. 

  • Did the author clearly answer the posed question? 
  • Can I write my own unique and compelling social message to compliment this content? 
  • Was the content easy to read and follow?


From this guide you should now know exactly what content curation is and what it involves. You now know the benefits of content curation. In addition, you know what tips you should implement for curating content. There is still more to learn, however, master these tips first. 



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