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How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Tips

Bronagh Loughlin | 12 Aug 2020

This article will discuss how to use Instagram Carousel posts. Instagram Carousel’s allow an account to use multiple media such as images and videos in one post. This is indicated by a post having the icon of two squares in the upper-right corner. Businesses are taking advantage of the Carousel feature to both serve their current customers and to generate new leads. Instagram is the number one social media network for organic engagement. In addition, it is a cost-effective, succinct and an engaging way to communicate your marketing message. 

Carousels do not necessarily have to be ads. In order to create a Carousel Ad, there are two requirements. First, you must switch to an Instagram Business Account. Second, you must have a connected Facebook Business Account. This way, you can create Instagram Carousels from your Facebook page.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a Carousel Ad:

How To Use Instagram Carousel

-Open Facebook’s Power Editor. 

-Select the campaign you want to be in the ad, click “Create Ad Set”. 

-Fill out the information requested, including targeting and placement options. 

-In the placement stage, make sure only Instagram is selected. 

-Proceed with Facebook’s instructions and click “Create”. 

-Your carousel ad will then be published on Instagram, in either a Story or on your main feed. 

The Types Of Carousel Ads

Instagram offers two types of Carousel Ads for Stories that cater for your objective, assets and target audiences. These are Native Stories and Expandable Stories. For Native Stories, all of the cards are automatically displayed. In other words, viewers will not have to “swipe to see more”, the ad will autoplay. Due to the cards being automatic, there is a max number of three per ad. A Native Story is an effective Carousel Ad for a full-length commercial or demonstration. Think of them as commercial breaks as viewers tap through their stories. 

Expandable Stories are far more traditional. Viewers can tap to keep watching and can tap through a max of 10 cards. Expandable Stories are effective for mixed media ads and audiences  who usually buy on mobile. Both Story formats support mixed media and allow for one call to action (CTA) per ad. If any card, or all the cards, are seen by the same viewer, only one impression is counted. Finally, these ads can either have different web destinations per card or one destination for the entire ad. 

How To Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Ways

How To Use Instagram Carousel Posts: Product Launch

How To Use Instagram Carousel

Instagram is the perfect method of teasing your followers with your next product launch. Use Carousel to include pictures, specs and even a first look. Since Instagram is known for business engagement, this is a great opportunity to answer questions and build hype around a new product. 

How To Use Instagram Carousel Posts: Full-Length Videos/Images

How To Use Instagram Carousel

If you have a full-length commercial or photo that is too large for Instagram, give it the carousel treatment. Sometimes full videos can do what a commercial or quick click cannot. 

How To Use Instagram Carousel Posts: Before and After

How To Use Instagram Carousel

One of the initial questions asked when releasing a new product or marketing an existing one is “how does it work?”. Visually showing the benefits of your product gives your target audience the chance to see how your product fits into their lives. 


How To Use Instagram Carousel

If your business hosts events and you desire to boost the attendance and thank attendees, consider utilizing Carousels to recap those events. This way followers can swipe through and reminisce or even RSVP to the next one. 

Blog Content

A secret weapon to promoting blog content is teasing it on Instagram. The best way to tease the content is by using Carousels but not giving away the message. 

Brand Personality

Instagram is the best place to build your brand and company culture. Show the people behind the screen and highlight who makes your business what it is. For example, if you are a coffee shop, this can be done by spotlighting your employees with their favourite coffee blend. 

Customer Testimonials

Ecommerce giant Shopify uses Carousels to promote its customer reviews in a weekly podcast. This is an effective way to generate more leads and maintain existing customer relationships. 


Carousels can go beyond announcing a product, they can also tell the story of a potential customer and build suspense. 

Process Demonstration

You can use Carousels to demonstrate a process. For example, how fitness helps the body in more ways than on the scale. Demonstrating a process is an effective way of engaging potential customers who may be on the fence about buying a product. You can also use Carousels to show the long term results of using your product! 


Now you know what Carousel Ads are, how to create one and some tips on how to use them. So, you should start experimenting with them and get creative! Remember, use the 10 photos/videos to your advantage and do not limit yourself to only photos and videos. Mix it up and see what works best for your business. Let us know how you get on and enjoy the new journey of Carousel Ads!



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