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This article will discuss how to increase online ordering with social media. The world of social media is actively taking part in conversations. Conversations that focus on the concept of sharing ideas and thoughts. People use social media to make plans for family gatherings or reunions. They also use it to learn more about the people in their lives.

As a restaurant, you need to become an active participant in those conversations. You must take part in sharing exactly what your restaurant has to offer. In addition, you need to make customers aware of just how easy it is to order food with you. Social media gives you an ideal platform to do exactly that.

So, here are some ways you can use social media to boost the number of online orders that your restaurant receives.

Increase Online Ordering With Social: Get Inside The Mind Of Your Customer

Increase Online Ordering With Social

The manner in which your restaurant runs may be simple to you. However, that is because it is a significant part of your life. Your online ordering system may appear simple to use. However, for your customers, it may remain quite confusing. You can create social media posts that focus on the benefits of ordering online from you. 

You could show a step-by-step guide on how to use your online ordering system. In addition, you could post a question to your audience essentially asking them for feedback, saying something like: what do you find to be the most difficult aspect of our online ordering system. You can then create social media activities that address those concerns. This works to alleviate the concerns your customers have and instill a sense of loyalty that you took the time to help resolve their issue.

Increase Online Ordering With Social: Turn To Your Facebook

Increase Online Ordering With Social

A large percentage of your customers are an active part of the Facebook community. It presents you with an ideal platform on how to reach these customers and highlight exactly what your restaurant has to offer. There are numerous ways to accomplish this task on Facebook. You could begin by adding a mouthwatering cover image showcasing your most popular dish that is a favourite amongst your customers. If you decide to do this, remember to change that image periodically to reflect your menu changes and new items.

You could also add a tab on your Facebook page that links directly to your online ordering menu or system. This tab should appear at the top of your Facebook page, next to the ‘about’ tab that provides additional details on your restaurant. You could also create a video showcasing how to use your online ordering system and publish it to your page. This will give customers the opportunity to witness first-hand how your system works before they even try it out. Also, include an incentive in the video such as a discount coupon when they place an order through your online ordering system. 

Increase Online Ordering With Social: Use Instagram To Feature Your Food/Restaurant Images

Increase Online Ordering With Social

Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing images that appeal to a wide audience. It is a great opportunity for you to increase online orders for your restaurant. Begin by including an online ordering link to your profile page. Then, mention that the link in your photo captions every time you post a new photo to Instagram.

You could also create a relevant hashtag for your own online ordering system and include it in all your image descriptions that focus on your menu. Showcase pictures of other customers placing orders through your online ordering system too. This will show potential customers how easy it is to use. Also, give your customers a discount when they refer to an Instagram picture that focuses on a certain menu item or the online ordering system. 


Social media presents you with an amazing opportunity to spread the word about having an online ordering system available to your customers. It also gives you the chance to explain exactly how the system works and provide customers with coupons and discounts for using the system simultaneously. You can also engage in conversations with your diners to see how they are enjoying your service. Remember, stay active in the conversations that take place on social media and customers will come to support you.



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