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This article will discuss Instagram audience growth and how hashtags can help you increase just that. A majority of you are probably aware of the hashtags existence and either love it or hate it. For some, the word hashtag makes no sense. They do not know what a hashtag is other than being a symbol on a desktop. If the millennial closest to you has not yet explained what the hashtag is, allow me. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#). It is used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. Whenever a user adds a hashtag to their post, it’s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable by other users.

How Can a Hashtag Increase Instagram Audience Growth? 

Instagram Audience Growth

The idea that using some hashtags for Instagram audience growth seems to lead to one of two polarizing views. You either love to spread hashtags throughout all of your posts or you hate the thought of using a hashtag on your post and avoid them like the plague. The undeniable fact is that hashtags generally help you widen the spread of your posts.

“Simply Measured found that posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without”.


Instagram is specifically tailor-made for hashtag usage and hashtags are Instagram’s primary method of sorting and filtering content. Unlike Twitter, where a majority only use one or two hashtags, Instagrammers use most of their allowance of 30 hashtags in each post. However, just because you can use 30 hashtags in a post does not mean that you should. Using irrelevant hashtags just to make up a hashtag quota offers no value. The key to Instagram hashtag usage is to include plenty of relevant hashtags that will help your fellow Instagrammers. If you use unrelated hashtags, all you do is spam the system. 

How to Use Hashtags?

Instagram Audience Growth

When creating your Instagram post, you should include up to 30 relevant hashtags in your caption as this will help people to discover your content. For example, if you upload a post of yourself on the beach enjoying the sun, you might use hashtags such as #summer, #travel, #sun and #beaching. Instagram will then organize your post according to the hashtags. Your post will show up for the people who search for any of these terms. This is until too many other people upload new posts which contain them, dropping your post further down peoples’ feeds.

Types of Hashtags You Should Use for Instagram Audience Growth

1. Popular Hashtags Will Increase Your Views

Instagram Audience Growth

Using popular hashtags will increase your post views. Try to use popular tags but not the most popular as your posts may get lost in the crowd. Through using popular hashtags, your posts will end up in the search results of people who search for the hashtags you use. Instagram also allows people to follow selected hashtags, which will further increase the reach of your posts that use those hashtags. People looking at a particular hashtag will often come across your post and if they like it, they may even start following your Instagram account in the hopes of seeing more similar content. Ofcourse, there is no use using a popular but irrelevant hashtag. For example #summer is a popular tag in summer time. However, this particular tag would not be suitable as so many are using it that your posts could potentially get lost, similarly #selfie would be unsuitable.

2. Highly Specific Hashtags Will Reach Your Ideal Audience

Instagram Audience Growth

In addition to popular hashtags, you should include a selection of low-volume, highly relevant, hashtags in your posts. There may not be as many people following these hashtags, however you know that the people who do have an interest in them will make a perfect match for your account. Depending on what your post is depicting, you should use a generic hashtag and then break down the topic into the more specific hashtags. For example, with food hashtags you might use the trendy #food but you should also consider using more specific food-related tags such as #foodlove, #desserts or even down to the type of food such as #doughnut. 

Ways You Can Find Suitable Hashtags for Instagram Audience Growth


The thoughts of using up to 30 hashtags per post may be daunting, especially when you realize that you cannot use the same block of hashtags on every post. If you regularly post to your Instagram account, you need to build up an extensive library of hashtags to use. You also need to select the most appropriate group for each post you make. This will greatly increase your Instagram audience growth. 

How To:

-Use the Instagram search function. Type in the keyword that is relevant to your post and select the Tags tab. Instagram will then show a range of hashtags. Look for relevant tags with a reasonable usage that are not so popular that your posts will quickly disappear. 

-Use the hashtags that the influencers amongst your industry use. 

-Look at your competitors’ posts and use the non-branded tags that they use. Check their posts to ensure that the hashtags are not part of one of their campaigns before you use them.

-Look at the successful posts that use hashtags. Ask yourself what other hashtags do these posts target? And would any of these tags be valuable to your brand? 

Using Hashtags in Your Bio for Instagram Audience Growth

Instagram Bio

You can include clickable hashtags in your Instagram bio, giving you an excellent opportunity to create and display a custom hashtag for your brand that links to all the posts that use it. It also means you can click on hashtags that are relevant to your brand. This could be a particularly useful tool for influencer marketers who could link to specific hashtags for their clients from their bios. 

Adding Hashtags to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be an excellent way for a brand to show their voice and get a message across to their followers. Including hashtags in your stories will help people discover those hashtags, in return your posts and Instagram profile. As with any other Instagram hashtag, those in your stories are searchable, meaning your stories will show up in relevant hashtag searches. 


Social media is a powerful place to grow your business. This article discussed Instagram audience growth and how hashtags can increasingly grow your audience. Whether we love or hate this little symbol, it works. You can grow your audience on Instagram using hashtags. Hashtags can have the potential to make both your Instagram posts and profile more discoverable. Hashtags are an essential tool to learn how to use if you want to grow your business Instagram audience.

Use these hashtags to the best of their ability. It is essential to understand what they are. Not  to mention, how they truly grow your audience. It is also important to know how to use them. You need to know what types of hashtags you should use to get the most post traffic. You need to know ways to find suitable hashtags for your posts. Be aware that hashtags are not limited to posts. They can also be used in Instagram stories and bios for the same purpose. 



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