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In the previous article, we spoke about how in order to get on the Instagram marketing train you need to follow a variety of steps. You need to begin by defining your Instagram marketing goals. Then, you must define your purpose on the platform. From there you can optimize your profile for engagement. In addition, you can convert it into a business profile and decide on your brand creatives.

Then, you can finally move on to creating content for Instagram that your customers will adore. This piece will go further into the next steps you need to take. In regards to publishing your content to Instagram to maximize engagement and promoting your Instagram long-term. So, sit back, grab a coffee. Instagram Marketing: How to Establish an Effective Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Tip: Publish your content to Instagram to maximize engagement

You are ready to have your content published, now what? Good question, just posting at random will not do anything good for you. As part of your marketing strategy, be sure to take note of the following before you go to publish your next post. Publishing Your Content to Instagram to Maximise Engagement

Instagram Marketing Tip: Craft Good Captions

Each post you publish should have a unique caption. Even the seemingly smallest details of those captions can impact your engagement rate and whether or not your post is discoverable. You have 2000+ characters to play with so use the creative freedom. You may notice that many businesses take the ‘less is more’ approach to their Instagram captions. 

No matter what you are saying or selling, be sure to include a combination of the following in your captions. 

  • A call-to-action (a question, “check out our bio”, etc)

Call to Action

  • A touch of personality (use emojis, take up a conversational tone)


  • Hashtags (including your branded hashtags, between one and five is considered optimal)

Instagram Marketing

Timing and Frequency for Instagram Marketing

When you publish your content and how often is crucial when it comes to engagement. Many brands publish daily or on a near-daily basis. Of course, you do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Remember, the timing of your posts impacts how likely your followers are to see them. 

Instagram Marketing

Statistics show the best times to post on Instagram are Wednesday 11 a.m. and Friday at 10-11 a.m. Wednesday is the best day overall for posting on Instagram. The safest times to post are Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m-3 p.m. Sunday receives the least amount of engagement on Instagram. The least amount of engagement occurs during late night and early morning from 11 p.m-3 a.m. 

Cross-posting from other social networks for Instagram Marketing

For most brands, it makes sense to cross-post your Instagram content across networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Doing so saves you a serious amount of time and keeps you from bouncing from network to network.

Instagram Marketing

Promoting your Instagram for the long-termInstagram Marketing

No matter what Instagram strategies you are experimenting with, so much of your engagement depends on how you promote your Instagram. Followers and customers do not show up by accident. As a result, you must put your Instagram front and center across your other marketing channels. 

For example, make a point to prominently feature your Instagram on site. Whether it is social buttons or a feed of your followers’ photos, customers should be aware you are active on the gram. Promoting your Instagram via email can also be a smart move. 

Bellroy’s email signature consistently features their branded hashtag and encourage customers to share their pictures. In addition, you can also use your branded hashtag as part of your physical packaging and marketing. That is exactly what Extra does. 

Promoting your Instagram also means showing up day after day. If you allow your account to gather cobwebs, you cannot be surprised when your engagement rate takes a dip. Respond to your followers and engage with other accounts. Committing to Instagram means you become an active participant on the platform. 

Remember to mind your analytics as the in-depth insights can be huge motivations and eye-openers to brands struggling on Instagram. Your analytics will most likely have the answer to what you post next. 


Now you have the full guide to Instagram marketing and you can create your own effective strategy. These tips are fair game for brands of all shapes and sizes. From optimizing your profile to engaging your followers and beyond, knowing what your customers like is a matter of consistency and experimentation. So get started today, no more excuses!



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