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This article will discuss the Instagram Questions feature and how you can use it to engage your followers. Social media is the place to market your business. Instagram is an undeniably powerful channel for businesses to reach a larger audience. The platform is primarily for engagement. We ‘like’ our friends photos. People comment on their posts. We tag friends in influencer giveaways to try and win a free prize.

Basically, if your brand is on Instagram, you really need to be communicating and engaging with your audience. This type of engagement with your audience will boost brand awareness and create customer loyalty. In addition, it can help to inform your knowledge of brand perception. Not to mention, it can help you to gain you a deeper understanding of what your customers care about. 

Fortunately, you can begin engaging your audience on Instagram through a feature they introduced in 2018 called Instagram Questions. This feature allows you to receive feedback from your followers too.

So, here are 7 creative ways to use Instagram Questions!

Conduct a Q&A with your Followers

Instagram Questions

This method is regularly used by influencers and celebrities to interact with fans. An example of this is Ali Fedotowsky. She is a blogger and former Bachelorette. She will regularly tell her followers to “ask me stuff” at the end of the day. Her responses are typically fun, casual and friendly. These Q&A’s enable Ali’s followers to feel as though they are having a casual conversation with a friend. In addition, the Q&A’s aid Ali in creating stronger relationships with her fans and gear content towards what they wish to know. 

Instagram Questions Showcase your Brand’s Values

Instagram Questions

An example of this is Away. They are a luggage company with 502K followers on Instagram. They used the Questions to demonstrate their support for Pride week whilst engaging with followers meaningfully. In the initial post, they wrote “Happy #Pride from all of us at Away”. They then followed the post with a question. The question was “How are you celebrating?” to further engage with followers. 

Conduct a Pop Quiz

Instagram Questions

An example of this is WeWork. They are a company that provides collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs and startups. They used their Stories to feature WeWork spaces around the globe with “fill-in-the-blank” quiz questions. For example, “WeWork In ____”. It is a good idea to utilize the Instagram Questions. Look at it as an opportunity to ask followers what they want to see on your feed. It can help your team to brainstorm more content ideas. In addition, it can make viewers feel like their opinion is valuable to your brand. 

Ask Followers their Thoughts on a New Product or Service Launch

Instagram Questions

You can use questions for many things. For example, to ask your followers what they think about a new product or service. However, conduct these questions sparingly. This is since they may come across a tad too self-promotional. 

An example of this is Beardbrand. They have a line of high-quality grooming products for men. They effectively used the Questions to ask their niche audience their thoughts on Beardbrand’s new shampoo and conditioner products. Beardbrand also posted their followers’ answers. They saw an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s sense of humour.

Use Instagram Questions as a Lead Generation Strategy

Instagram Questions

Megan Gilmore, best-selling author and creator of the Instagram account @Detoxinista, which posts healthy recipes. When Gilmore posts an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A , her followers generally ask recipe-related queries, which allows Gilmore to organically link to recipes on her blog. For example, in a response to “A good vegetable soup recipe”, Gilmore links to her vegetable soup recipe. 

However, it is crucial to note Gilmore does not just link externally in her Q&A’s, she also provides useful tips and content from within the Story itself. An example of this is when followers asked her about her Instant pot. She posted the answer right within the Story for other followers to see. This can help drive traffic to other content. 

Have Fun with your Followers


Reese Witherspoon is a brilliant example of someone who uses Stories and Question Stickers to have fun with her fans. An example of this is during the press tour for Big Little Lies. She used the Questions feature to ask her fans for theme song recommendations for the tour. Later, she posted some of her favourites. 

Ultimately, the Questions feature is a chance to have fun with your followers. It allows you to post lighter, more entertaining content. If your brand is heading to a conference, you could use Witherspoon’s tactic. In other words, ask your followers what a good “theme song for the conference” would be. Alternatively, ask them for their “favourite ice breakers to use at a conference”. 

In addition, posting their responses shows them you are listening. Not to mention, it may make other followers more willing to join in on future Questions you post. 

Announce New Releases With Instagram Questions

New Product

An example of this is Starbucks. They playfully quizzed their followers with a question that added up fire, chocolate and sun emojis. The question said “The __ _____ is coming back”.  Starbucks then posted followers responses throughout the day. Then, they posted one page with the “correct” answer. The answer was “S’mores Frappuchino”. 

They built suspense and showcased some funny followers’ responses. As a result, Starbucks successfully created excitement around their new product. In addition to quickly and cost-efficiently spreading the word. You could do the same when announcing a new product.  


Engaging with your audience will boost brand awareness and create customer loyalty. It can also help to inform your knowledge of brand perception. This will give you a deeper understanding of what your customers care about. This guide has given you 7 creative ways to use Instagram Questions to engage your followers. So, stop reading this and get started!



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