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This article will discuss the idea of a LinkedIn marketing strategy for businesses and how you can create one. Setting a company page is definitely the easier part of this process. However, do not let that lead you to throwing something together without a LinkedIn for business strategy. Without a LinkedIn business strategy you cannot maximize your page’s benefits. Don’t just racking up followers and connections.

Think about how you can use LinkedIn marketing tools to uncover new opportunities to grow. Begin by developing SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based). Without goals, you will never know whether you can achieve them. LinkedIn can support businesses in a variety of ways. So, you must determine precisely what you want to get out of your LinkedIn business efforts. 

Are you trying to build a network for social selling? Establish yourself as a thought leader? Recruit top talent in your field? You may wish to tackle all of these aspects or focus primarily on one. In saying that, you need to create goals. This is what will help you to work towards your target. Then, it will help you to understand how your efforts are paying off. 

However, even if you are using LinkedIn for business, you can gain lots of useful intelligence. Intelligence that is related to both goal setting and strategic planning. You can gain this by examining who is already connecting with you and how on your other social channels. 

You may have not yet developed audience personas. This is where I am going to tell you, this is a perfect time to do so. Knowing who you are trying to target is key to crafting the right message. If you are using LinkedIn for recruiting, be sure to consider employees’ and candidates’ needs also. 

Tips and Ideas for your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Simply creating the page will not guarantee you followers and connections. You can boost your chances of success with the following LinkedIn marketing strategy tips!

Encourage your Employees to Connect with your Company’s LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Your colleagues and employees are your best resources to grow an audience. According to LinkedIn, employees have on average 10 times more first-degree connections than a company has followers. In addition, companies with a strong employee advocacy program in place are 58% more likely to attract top talent. Also, 20 percent more likely to retain them. 

Employees are your greatest advocates. By adding them as followers you also tap into each of their networks. Then you can expand your reach greatly. Encourage employees to add their position at your company to their LinkedIn profiles. Your company page will then be linked from their profiles. That way, their profiles will in turn appear on your company page. 

Publish Valuable Content for a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


The most effective method to grow your audience and keeping your followers is to provide them with value by posting articles or company updates on a regular basis. LinkedIn recommends you do this at least once a day. In addition to appearing on your company page, your posts appear in each of your followers’ news feeds. 

If you know of a blog post or a news article from an external source that would benefit your followers, you can share that also. Even if the content does not originate from your team, it will show that you have your ear to the ground in your industry. This can also help foster crucial connections with other thought leaders. Be sure to provide value and contest to your post when sharing (do not just copy and paste the URL).  

To share more in-depth expertise try publishing articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform. Rather than sharing content from other networks or your website, you can create and publish articles within the LinkedIn ecosystem. You cannot publish articles directly from your company page, but the leadership team or key faces at your company can publish articles from their LinkedIn profiles and can help boost your company’s presence on the network. 

Include Rich Media Into Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Rich Media

Although LinkedIn is business-first, you still need to make your content stand out from the crowd and text-only posts are not the way to do that. LinkedIn figures have shown that posts with an image included get 98% more comments. If you have a YouTube channel, try linking your videos from LinkedIn. Whilst other social channels require you to upload native videos for autoplay on LinkedIn, YouTube videos play automatically in the news feed and can generate a 75% higher share rate. 

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Being an active participant in a LinkedIn Group can help you and your business network with other professionals and businesses in your field, particularly those outside of your immediate circle of current and present colleagues, classmates and employers. Participating in a group discussion will also attract views to your company page. 

To discover a group with interests that align with your business goals, use the search feature at the top of your LinkedIn homepage or check out LinkedIn’s suggestions with Groups discover. You can also create a new group based on whatever topic or industry you would like. If you belong to an association, check to see if it has a members-only LinkedIn group, which can be a valuable source of professional networking and development. 

If you create a group or join a group that you wish to showcase, you can add it as a featured group on your company page. To do so, click the me icon at the top of your LinkedIn page, then choose your page page under the manage section. Select the overview tab from the top menu, then scroll down to featured groups. Start typing in the name of your group and it should auto-complete. You can add up to three featured groups to your company page. 


Hopefully this guide gave you some good tips that you can easily place into your LinkedIn marketing strategy. However, there are far more out there. So, once you master all of the above, look for more. This will help you to get even more advanced at your LinkedIn marketing game.



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