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This article will discuss restaurant social media content during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these strange times, communication is absolutely vital. We want to help you to make that as easy as possible. You need to be communicating all updates about your business to your customers. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some content ideas that you can share on your social media channels. You can use these on your own channels to keep your customers constantly informed. 

1. Restaurant Social Media Content: COVID-19 Safety Protocols

You should include an image here of your restaurant or an image with text written over it. Include some text for your announcement also. For example, say that you are doing your best to ensure your service is as safe as possible. Say you are doing this by encouraging customers to pay by card and order online to reduce contact. Say we’re all in this together.

2. Restaurant Social Media Content: COVID-19 Business As Usual

Include the same kind of image here. For a text description for your announcement say, we are open for business as usual for now. Hopefully we can bring some joy and food into your life. Thank you for your endless support throughout the pandemic.

3. Restaurant Social Media Content: Safe To Order Food From Your Restaurant

Once again, you can use the same kind of image. For your message, say that you want to put your customer’s minds at ease and that you know it is safe to order food. Mention research from the World Health Organisation (WHO) about how COVID-19 cannot grow in food. Say that it is unlikely the virus will be passed on through food and there is no evidence yet of this happening with COVID-19.

4. Support Local

You can use the same sort of image. For your text, speak about the importance of shopping and supporting local and how it helps the community. In addition, direct them to where they can order with you and thank them for their continued support.

5. About Contactless Payments

You can use the same image. For the text, say how you are requesting people to use contactless payment options over cash when possible.

6. Contactless Delivery

For the image, use a photograph that displays how your contactless delivery will work. For the text, say to protect ourselves and each other, our delivery drivers will be offering contactless delivery. Tell them how to request this contactless delivery too and what the procedure is like.



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