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People are becoming more fascinated with automation because of its ease and efficiency. When you are running many social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, the possibility of automating all your regular tasks can be even more tempting. But what is Instagram automation and is it legit? 

What is Instagram Automation? 

Instagram Automation

Instagram automation is when a software connected to your Instagram account automatically does a task. For example, publishing posts or answering direct messages for you. Of course automation can be time-saving and can mitigate the grind associated with repetitive tasks. But does it produce better results? Can a bot replace human interaction? 

How Does Instagram Automation Work?

Instagram Automation

Instagram automation works by leveraging software, often known as “bots” to carry out certain tasks such as: 




-Direct Messages

-Posting Images and Stories

-Deleting Posts

Bots also have lots of filters to ensure it is only engaging with users you are looking to target. With filters, you can target users based on: 



-Not Private or Do Not have a Profile Picture

-Last Active

-Follow Ratio

-English Accounts Only

-Who They Follow

-And a lot more.. 

With bots, you also control how often they are interacting with each user and when. You have control over: 

-When the Bot is On or Off

-How Many Actions It Should Complete in An Hour/Day/Week

-Delay Between Each Action

Though the bot has the option to conduct many actions, Instagram is still a social platform and I advise not to use bots for everything. 

Pros of Instagram Automation

1. Instagram Automation Saves Time

Instagram Automation

Unfortunately, you cannot just follow a whole bunch of users or like a few hundred photos in an hour and call it a day. Instagram has action restrictions that only allows you to engage so many times in an hour. Going past the limits will hit your account with an action block or temporary ban. To remain active on Instagram, you need to log back into Instagram every hour to engage with users. That is incredibly time-consuming to set aside 30 minutes every hour to be on Instagram. 

2. Engage with More People

Instagram Automation

It is hard to keep track of how many posts you like or people you followed in a particular hour to keep below Instagram’s action thresholds. You will either end up playing it too safe and end up way below the threshold, or overshoot and end up temporarily banned for 24-48 hours. 

Instagram bots allow you to consistently stay within the Instagram thresholds and safely engage with more people every hour. One thing to note is that Instagram’s action threshold is not a fixed number. The threshold will grow depending on how active you are on your Instagram.

3. Gain More Followers

Instagram Automation

With more engagement, it is a no-brainer that you will receive more followers. With automation, it has been noted that this increases from 50%-200% a day.

4. Easy to Get Started

Instagram Automation

It is very simple to get started with Instagram bots. There is no coding necessary and the tools are very user-friendly. Also, there are lots of guides on the internet to help you get it set up right. 

Cons of Instagram Automation

1. It’s Against Instagram’s Terms of Service

“We prohibit crawling, scraping, caching or otherwise accessing any content on the service via automated means, including but not limited to, user profiles and photos”. Bots rely on automated means to gather data from Instagram. For the bot to function, it must collect data on usernames, profile information, post data and much more. 

Most bot tools are intelligent enough not to use Instagram’s public API to scrape data, but it relies on its scripts to scrape and cache the information within the tool. Breaking Instagram’s terms of service will often result in a ban or restriction. As long as you are careful and are not too overly aggressive with your automation settings, you can easily fly under the radar. 

2. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Automation bots are unpredictable when you are just starting out. There are horror stories where we see bots comment love it on posts where someone has passed away. That is why I recommend you start with just follow/unfollow and like actions. Getting maximum results from the bots also takes time and continuous improvement. In order to be effective, you cannot just set up your bot once and forget about it. You must understand how to track which filters are not working and frequently adjust your bot settings. 


Unless you are blindly setting up your bot or managing multiple accounts without experience, it is very unlikely you will get banned from Instagram. However, Instagram automation is not a complete solution to becoming an influencer or succeeding on Instagram. Automating engagement will only bring you so far and is no substitute for low-quality content. 



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