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Social Media Trends to be Aware of in 2019

Bronagh Loughlin | 27 Sep 2019

What are Social Media Trends?

Every year a new social media trend emerges for companies engaged with marketing. The definition of a trend is something that is developing or changing. Much like clothing trends or music trends, social media too has its own trends. 

What do Social Media Trends do? 

Social media platforms are continuously evolving and becoming our main communication channels in our now digital driven world. Brands have seen an opportunity within these platforms to reach their target audiences. 

Why are Social Media Trends Important?

Brands recognise how big social media has become for their consumers and in return they want to know exactly how they utilize it. It is important to be aware of the latest social media trends as they will help you to understand where you are now with your brand and what your audience is interested in.

Social media is all about audience which means if the audience is changing their behavior in terms of the type of platform they use or the type of content they create and consume, brands should know about it and create a strategy around it. 

Social Media Trends 2019

We need to identify these trends to understand what is going to influence social media users and what this particular trend means for brand marketing. So here are social media trends to be aware of in 2019.

  • More Importance on Stories Format

Stories became an important feature when Instagram launched their own Snapchat inspired feature, known as Instagram stories. According to Statista, In January 2019, Instagram reported 500 million daily active Stories users worldwide, up from 400 million global DAU in June 2018.

It is clear from this that whether we enjoy watching people’s stories or not, they are widely popular and an important trend to be aware of.  Since Instagram created this story feature, almost every major platform began using the vertical format type of digital content. The platforms that now use stories are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Medium, Skype and Snapchat. 

Stories are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. 

  1. Stories are designed for mobile phones which we primarily spend our time on. We spend that time looking at mobile content which includes social media platforms. 
  2. Stories can be imperfect, you are allowed to publish as many pictures or videos as you like. The Instagram feed is for your perfect ‘instagramable photos’ while stories can have a candid style as people often take them out and about, using features such as boomerangs. 
  3. Stories encourage engagement and grab attention. This particular type of content is encouraging the user to check in more often. So that the creator can put less effort into creating the content and have a much easier way to interact with their following.
  • A Big Engagement on Private Groups (Communities) 

Facebook has invested a huge amount of effort into Groups. They created features such as “participate as a business page”, updating with stories, uploading certain files, creating social learning units and posting live videos. With the fall of organic reach on Facebook pages, social media managers had to find a new method to interact with their community. 

That solution became creating a Facebook group and private groups still remain to be a big social media trend. However, Facebook is not the only social media platform that allows users to create these groups. Whatsapp, Instagram DM groups, LinkedIn groups and more. These private groups allow us to see how the real community manager deals with interaction and also transparency.

According to, There are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. 

  • Micro-Influencers are the Next Big Influencers

Micro-Influencer marketing tends to get ignored by the companies and marketers who were previously taught to always think big, on a large scale and aim at big audiences. However, now that it has become one of the major new social media trends, it cannot be ignored anymore.

According to the Influencer Marketing Association, 2019 will definitely be the year of the micro-influencer. Micro-Influencers are people that have anywhere between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They are people who are active on social media because they have a passion to write or share about their day-to-day experiences with their followers via different social media channels. 

The number of social media influencers is increasing constantly as are the prices of their services. Research has shown that even one piece of content from a Macro-Influencer could cost anywhere from €2,000 to €50,000 depending on the influencer’s status and the number of followers. Micro-Influencers are definitely the cheaper option. Micro-Influencers have their advantages. 

-They are engaging and trustworthy: Micro-Influencers draw in specific niche followers and are deeply connected with them through shared interests. This makes Micro-Influencers appear more honest and trustworthy than Macro-Influencers who are typically paid to promote a product or experience regardless of whether they enjoy it or not. Micro-Influencers are also more responsive leading to better engagement. 

-They are authentic and relatable: They represent themselves as everyday consumers. They connect with their audiences on a personal level through their humbleness and accessibility. 

-They are cost effective: Micro-Influencer marketing allows brands to run trials to see which content, influencers and social media platforms are working best. Through this brands can find the best solutions.

  • Dedicated Content for Mobile

Mobile audience is a huge factor that you need to take into account when it comes to social media marketing. We take our smartphones with us everywhere we go. We can all relate to the panic attack we have when we think we have lost our phones.

As mobile speed increases, when it comes to internet access, so does our dependency of these little computers. We have all seen plenty of examples of mobile content. Instagram stories and feeds are two of the most powerful channels for mobile based marketing.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest have all social media mobile apps and that most of the people access their social media channels via their smartphones and as of consequence, via these dedicated apps. 50% of all digital budgets are spent on mobile.

80% of all internet users own smartphones, it is both obvious and essential to focus on mobile content. Since a mobile device is usually held in an upright position, the ultimate trend in this area is the vertical content.

Not all social media channels understand this but we have seen some big moves towards implementing this format during the past few years. Particularly from Pinterest and Instagram, Instagram TV and Instagram Stories being the most important ones since they focus on vertical content only. 


Social media is huge and has taken over as a communication platform through its popularity. Brands and companies need to keep on top of various social media trends in order to identify more about their audience as this information is key to marketing your business. Do not underestimate Instagram stories, private Facebook groups, Micro-Influencers and dedicated content as these are the 2019 social media trends to be aware of so you can optimize your success. 



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