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Since 2010, Instagram has accumulated more than 500 million users per day. Not to mention, 4.2 daily likes. In addition, more than 95 million photos and videos are posted there per day. Brands who take advantage of this unique social media platform typically find that the level of exposure that Instagram gives them is unprecedented. However, creating a successful, branded Instagram account requires more than just pretty images. To succeed, you will need to establish a distinct brand aesthetic. In addition to a well-curated feed and an effective community management strategy. This all stems from your own unique brand identity

Instagram Aesthetic Ideas


Now that you have established your brand identity and defined your target market. It is time to curate your Instagram content to meet that criteria. Instagram is the platform for captivating content. Brands can capitalise on this with consistent and creative posts. They can do this by presenting a seamless aesthetic. One that is consistent with your core brand values. Remember, you are aligning your brand with your target audience. As a result, you are building awareness. In this sense, your Instagram aesthetic is just as crucial as your website. 

First impressions are everything on Instagram, so here are some ideas for building your aesthetic.

  • Know Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A great part of your aesthetic will derive from your brand identity. What is your brand personality and tone? What are its values? Is your brand playful? Adventurous? Having an Instagram feed that reflects the image and purpose of your brand is vital as it creates uniformity. Posting content that is random creates disconnect and confusion. When this happens, it is hard to commit hitting that follow button. 

  • Cater to Your Target Market


Your Instagram feed is primarily to attract existing and future customers. So, it is vital to create content that pulls them in and engage them. To do this, begin by getting to know what is important to your target market. For example, what they enjoy about your brand, products and services. Then, reflect that back to them in your Instagram feed. 

  • Use Storytelling on Instagram Posts


The more compelling your story, the less it would feel to your customers that you are just selling them something. Narratives tied with your brand identity create the emotional connection your audience needs. This gives meaning to your content and makes it more relatable. The story you tell plays a huge role in creating brand loyalty from your customers. 

  • Choose a Colour Palette or Filter & Use It Consistently


Using a colour palette, filter or even a texture in your Instagram posts can give you that much desired consistency on your feed. To tie all your posts together, try using the same two to four filters on your posts. You can choose a vintage look. Maybe a light and bright lens. Alternatively, you can chose whatever compliments and works with your brand’s personality. Try de-saturating your photos or stick to bright white backgrounds with pops of colour. You could even create your own brand colour palette. You can do this by playing around with three to four colour combinations to repeat in your posts. 

  • Ensure Your Content Reflects Your Brand’s Core Values

User Generated Content

Do not be scared to use Instagram marketing to show off your products or services at work, just get creative. Take detailed shots and create eye-catching flat lays that show off your products in new and interesting ways. These shots can even encourage and inspire your followers to create their own posts featuring your products to share with their followers. Not only will you grow your brand’s interaction, you will also have user-generated content that is authentic and organic. 

You can also post user-generated content (UGC)- posts sourced from customers and followers. This will help to build brand trust and awareness. Typically, users will tag your brand in their own posts. Then, you can screenshot and post the content or use a re-posting app. UGC can only mean good things. In addition, prospects are likely to evaluate customer reviews when looking to buy and it makes your brand look trustworthy and beloved. 

  • Plan In Advance

PlanMost well-organised Instagram aesthetics are organised and planned ahead. Some accounts plan posts on a chronological basis. For example, like seasonal, monthly or quarterly timelines. Others plan in terms of content. For example, they may try to post consistently about a certain product or event. They may even create a repeated series of posts per row surrounding a specific topic like quotes or food.

  • Create a branding hashtag. 


We all know hashtags are helpful for reaching new audiences. A branded hashtag is unique to a company, product or event that is used to help promote whatever it represents. For example, the #ShareACoke campaign was one of the best-performing marketing campaigns in Coca Cola’s history. It appeals to their target audience. In addition, it was effectively shared across all media channels and reflects Coca Cola’s core brand values. 


Using social media is a must for brands. If you want your Instagram to be aesthetically pleasing as the kids say, follow this guide. Remember that it will not happen overnight but over time with consistency. For aesthetic success, know exactly what your brand identity is. Determine your target market and cater to them. Create a story with each photo displayed on the post. Choose your design and be consistent. Post content that reflects your brand’s core values. Plan ahead of time and create a branded hashtag.



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