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Social media networks are always changing. They do this by adding new features. Ones that brands can use to boost their marketing strategies. In March 2017, Facebook launched a new feature. It was their version of Instagram Stories. They called it Facebook Stories. They were launched after Facebook Live. The number of monthly active Facebook users is currently 2.38 billion. Not to mention, 1.56 billion users log onto Facebook daily. 66% of Facebook’s audience are said to be daily active users. Facebook Stories have 500 million daily users and 3 million advertisers. This provides business with an opportunity to grow their brand. Stories can also help them to reach new fans. Facebook Stories is the next big thing for brands. Stories mean they can entertain and connect with their customers. 

How to Create Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories consist of visual content in video or slideshow format. They are made on a smartphone camera and last 20 seconds. After 24 hours the Stories delete themselves as they are temporary. However, there is an option to save your content. You can save them into a private file for future use or ideas. Facebook Stories come with features such as text, filters and stickers. Facebook allows you to also see who has watched your story.

To create a story you need to:

-Click the ‘Create Story’ button on your Facebook smartphone app. 

-Record a video by holding down the record button. Alternatively, create a slideshow by touching the button once. 

-Edit by adding location tags, filters and stickers. 

-Share your story by touching the + icon in the middle of the screen. Alternatively, share with specific users on Messenger. 

The stories you have published will appear on the ‘Stories Row’. This is a section at the top of your news feed which lists available content. To add camera effect to your stories, simply swipe up or tap the effects icon. Facebook offers a selection of masks, frames and filters. Add targeted messages by selecting the text icon. If you are feeling artistic, hit the ‘doodle’ icon to draw on your video. 

Why Do Brands Use Facebook Stories?

As a marketing strategy, Facebook has a solid track record. Around 96% of advertising experts say that Facebook provides greater ROI than any other social network. During the 2018 F8 conference hosted by Facebook, the social media network revealed that Stories are one of their most popular services. Why are Stories so valuable to brands marketing?

Prominent Location

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are visible at the top of the Facebook app. This means that Stories are the first thing a user is likely to notice when they open the app. On the desktop version, Facebook Stories have a prominent position at the top right of your page. Facebook Stories give you an opportunity to showcase your brand with the best location in the app and on the desktop site. They are an easy and effective way to get the attention of Facebook users. 

Facebook Stories Allow For Creative Freedom


The Facebook Stories feature offers creative built-in tools such as effects, video masks and filters. Therefore, you do not have to invest in any other tools to create attractive and engaging Stories. There are countless possibilities to aid you in crafting creative Stories. Ones that will make you stand out and grab the attention of your audience. 

Authentic Format


It is not an easy task to gain the trust of your target audience. Authenticity is an essential key factor in gaining your audience’s trust. Facebook stories allow a brand to show the behind the scenes footage. Alternatively, they allow brands to share interesting details about their products or services. You can also introduce your employees to your audience. Through this, your audience will feel closer to your brand because they know the talented people behind your organisation. 

Facebook Stories Have a Trackable Performance

Facebook Stories

Facebook is a great platform for analysing and improving your audience targeting. This can help you get better results from your marketing campaigns. Facebook allows you to track who is viewing your Facebook Stories. This is very helpful in analysing your audience sets. From here, you can improve your strategy. Then, begin targeting relevant people. 

Rising Popularity

Facebook Stories

It is safe to say that stories are extremely popular. They began on Snapchat. Slowly they became a tool on every big social media platform such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. The numbers of people using these Stories features daily is also massive. As mentioned above Facebook has 500 million daily story users and on those Stories 3 million advertisers. The number of people using Stories will only increase. Brands need to leverage these Facebook Stories for their benefit. 

How to Maximise Engagement Using Facebook Stories

Storytelling can help brands hugely in attracting customers and gaining their trust. Facebook videos have the ability to grab the attention of audiences and boost engagement. Storytelling and videos are therefore a powerful mix. Here are five ways that you can make the most out of Facebook Stories. 

Go Beyond Promotion

Go Beyond

It is vital to never forget that a good social media strategy involves much more than promoting your brand. You have to think beyond promotion. Ensure you actively engage with your fans. Of course some people may want to know more about your products, offers and discounts. However, you can engage them better by introducing the brand to them on a more personal level. You can create Stories that will connect with your fans. For example, Stories can be created to announce the launch of new products, achievements or celebrate milestones. You can even share photos and videos of your amazing team. This gives your audience a sneak peak into your work culture. 

Publish Brand-Focused Content 

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories offer many effects and filters which will attract and engage your fans. You can use them when you create Stories. Alternatively, you can use them when you edit your content before you post to Facebook. Then, you can add filters by simply tapping the effects icon on the bottom left of your screen. In addition, you can also add stickers or change fonts to make your Stories more fun. However, when using these components, make sure they align with your brand’s image. Use filters, fonts, colors and themes that are relevant and consistent with your brand’s image. 

Build Unique Content on Facebook Stories


You can cross-post your Instagram Stories on Facebook. However, try not to use the same content on both platforms. Each platform is unique. Some people in your audience may follow you on both platforms. Therefore, publishing the same content on both platforms can come across off-putting. It is always better to create a personalised marketing approach through content which is customised and based on the platform your target audience is on. 

Create Memorable Content 


Great customer experience goes a long way to boost customer loyalty and retention. It is vital to create Stories that give your fans a good experience. Facebook Stories give you the ability to produce exceptional videos. Not to mention, they allow you to experiment with your marketing strategies or announce events. You can also feature your speakers or distinguished guest from your events in photos and videos. Collaborative Stories can also be effective. Collaborate with social media influencers and industry experts. Then, upload those videos or images to your Stories. This will increase your brand’s reach significantly. 

Inject Urgency on Facebook Stories


The content on Facebook Stories is short-lived. It only exists for 24 hours. Some may think that Stories cannot do much to help their marketing strategies. However, this is what makes Facebook Stories of interest. Facebook Stories can create a sense of urgency. In addition, they can tap into people’s fear of missing out. Your audience follows your brand on social media. They do this because they want to stay up to date about any new products and offers. By creating urgency with time-sensitive content, you can grab the attention of your customers. You can create Stories with limited-time discounts or offers. In addition, you can organise giveaways or competitions. These help you to engage your customers. 


Videos and storytelling make the ideal mix to market your brand. This is because they are hugely powerful. They can help grab the audience’s attention and they can boost engagement. In addition, Facebook Stories allow brands to show their human side which fans love. Therefore, giving a voice to the company helps the audience get more personal with them. So, get up and start using Facebook Stories. Watch your audience grow. Facebook Stories allow brands to capture some candid moments. Then, share them with your audience. Create some urgency. Don’t forget to offer some limited-time rewards. Make your audience a part of your brand journey!



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