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This article will discuss engagement and why Twitter engagement is essential for brands. There are various reasons why Twitter has kept its place as one of the top 5 social media channels. The proof is in the pudding. Twitter’s pudding has 330 million monthly users. From a marketing view, the immense user commitment is a great venture for brands. Twitter is an engaging platform for users and businesses. However, it is not enough to simply send out an occasional tweet and expect fans to find you. Your brand must remain consistently engaged in order to connect with your audience. Especially if you want to drive conversion. 

Twitter is an Engaging Programme

Here are some of the opportunities Twitter presents to connect meaningfully with your audience. 

  • Engage with a Targeted Audience to Boost Engagement

Engage With a Target Audience

The vast base of active users is one of the number one perks of Twitter. It allows you to target a dedicated niche audience. One that will be more willing to engage with your brand. Targeting on Twitter is differs  to doing so on Facebook. You may discover the platform is less granular. However, there is a huge opportunity thanks to the unique characteristics of Twitter. Also the openness of the platform boosts the viral potential of your content. 

For example, even with an audience of 100 people, a retweet from a major influencer can help you reach thousands of users. This can also give a major boost to your engagement rate. Your content has a potential to reach all of those people who are most likely to talk up your brand’s services via your followers. However, an added bonus is that you can also reach the followers of the people who retweet you. 

  • Reach your Audience Immediately


Twitter is very immediate and because of that, it can also engage customers. If you have something new to share with your followers, you would often share it to a blog. However, the information may take some time to get to  your desired audience. You could always send out an email newsletter. However, the reach or immediacy could still be limited. 

By using Twitter, you can get that information out fast. That information will appear immediately in the feed of anyone who is online. In addition, it can be found by the people who check Twitter later. Brands can also leverage this to share news. For example, on product launches and updates. Alternatively, they can use it to keep customers updated on service outages or other widespread issues. 

You can also use Twitter to share live videos of events you are hosting or taking part in. Pair that with coverage of the event using live tweets. Live tweeting makes for a great plan. One that will result in high  Twitter engagement rates during an event. 

  • Respond to Customers Quickly to Boost Engagement

Respond to Customers Quickly

Twitter being such as immediate platform makes it very well suited for customer service. Customer’s expect businesses to monitor their Twitter account regularly. Twitter is one of the best places for customers to interact with businesses in a direct way. It is no wonder that 85% of social media businesses use Twitter to provide customer support to their fans. 

  • Chat with Audiences Directly

EngagementInteractions between customer and brand on platforms make many readers presume the responses are meant to be public-facing. In addition, not completely personalised to each user. While it may appear like a small distinction, on Twitter the replies are hidden by default.

This provides people with the impression that the conversion is far more personal and direct. For example, Brands such as Wendy’s demonstrate a good understanding of the personal nature of the conversations brands can have on Twitter. Wendy’s well-received wit and sarcastic humour translates well on the platform. Leading to lots of engagement. 

  • Build Exposure & Boost SEO to Boost Engagement

Build Exposure and Boost SEO

Twitter is an effective space for widespread free marketing. People regularly link websites in their Tweets. Backlinks from Twitter do not really impact your search rankings. However, there is still some advantage to be had here. You may be wondering how? Well, most bloggers and high authority sites use Twitter and may come across your content. 

If they enjoy it, chances are they may cite your content as a reference in their own posts. In return giving a boost to your SEO. Similarly, you may discover ideas or references to use for your own articles. Twitter is an efficient tool to research any bloggers or influencers you wish to reach out to in connection with your business. 

  • Establish your Expertise to Boost Engagement


Many businesses host regular Twitter chats and you should too. Your Twitter chats are open scheduled conversations. This means that users can connect with their audience. They often center around a single unique hashtag. One that is created by the brand for that sole purpose. This type of chat is fairly unique to the platform. 

It allows industry leaders and interested parties to connect. This means they can talk about relevant industry topics. What should you do? Host discussions to showcase your expertise. Not to mention, your credibility in the domain. An added treat is the Twitter engagement that it brings in. 



Twitter continues to be a relevant tool to promote and grow your business. Now you know why Twitter engagement is essential for all businesses. So, start boosting your engagement on the platform with the tips above. Remember, the main thing to take away here is that a brand communicating with consumers always wins. 



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