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Social media is one of the most effective ways for restaurants to advertise themselves. After all, you are marketing to hungry people. So, you can use images of your best food to attract customers on Instagram. You can run targeted ads to newcomers on Facebook. In addition, you can even dish the news on corporate catering on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is definitely a world of opportunity. Even better, if you do not know how to use social media for marketing, it is not difficult to get your restaurant up and running on it.

To help you with your restaurant social media strategy, I will give you 7 tips for running social media for your restaurant in this piece. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tip: Run Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook is well-known as being the best advertising platform on social media and for a good reason. Therefore, you can target your ads locally. This ensures they are only seen by people that are serious about visiting your restaurant. To begin, consider targeting your ads to the ZIP code nearest your restaurant. As a result, this will bring in all the locals. In addition it will give you the opportunity to earn some new regulars. 

Social Media Marketing

Frequently Post to Instagram

Restaurants must be on Instagram in 2019. It is the perfect platform to show off your latest and greatest drinks and dishes and may be just the #foodporn your regulars need to come in for dinner. Update your Instagram Stories daily for added engagement. Here, you can showcase limited time deals, special menu items and behind-the-scenes footage from the bar or kitchen. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tip: Ensure You Update Your Google My Business

Create a Google My Business page. Ensure it is up-to-date with correct menus, hours, addresses, phone numbers and more. This shows in Google Maps. It ensures that customers will go to your restaurant at the correct time without any issues. Nothing is more infuriating than a Google Maps listing with bad info.

Ensure to Update Your Google My Business

Additionally, Post Your Specials to Google My Business

Did you know that you can post status updates to Google My Business? Post to your page regularly and consistently. Discuss your latest deals and latest menu additions. Your audience will view this right under your listing in Google Maps and Search.  

Post Your Specials to Google My Business

Social Media Marketing Tip: Encourage Your Customers to Post About You

Your customers are your biggest advocates. So, have them post about you on social. Create your own social media hashtag. Then, encourage your customers to post photos of their food to it. For example, offer a free drink or entry into a contest. This will get your food in front of new people. It will keep your current customers engaged. In addition, it forms almost like a customer testimonial. It does not get any better than that. 

Encourage Your Customers to Post About You

Spotlight Your Employees

Showcase your employees on social media and help your neighborhood locals know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes. As a result, this humanizes your restaurant’s eating experience and makes customers feel far more connected to the place. On the flip side, recognition will make your employees feel happier about their work. This will improve morale and in return boost productivity. 

Spotlight Your Employees

Repost Customer Reviews

This last one is simple: repost your positive reviews. This will act as a testimonial to new customers, reminding your existing following to stop by for their favourite dish. 

Repost Customer Reviews


There you have it, 7 tips for driving more customers into your restaurant. Remember to run targeted Facebook ads, frequently post to Instagram, ensure you update your Google My Business, post your specials to Google My Business, encourage your customers to post about you, spotlight your employees and repost customer reviews. As a result, you can now get started implementing these tips into your social media marketing strategy.



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