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This article will discuss how to promote your restaurant on social media. Social media will greatly increase awareness about your restaurant. Adding social media into your marketing mix will help in generating more engagement with your restaurant and encourage more customers to walk in the door.

In this article, we will show you some ways that you can promote your restaurant on social media. One thing that we recommend you do is to create a social media planning calendar so that it becomes an integrated daily task.

If you are already taking advantage of social media platforms, it is time to step up your game. Let’s get into how you can up your social media promotions. 

Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media #1: Create a Facebook Page

Promote your Restaurant on Social

There is no excuse not to have a Facebook page for your restaurant. Facebook is still a very popular social media platform. When creating your Facebook business page, do it carefully. Remember that you have 851×351 pixels to market your restaurant for free in your timeline image. Ensure you carry your brand identity through all of your social media so that your restaurant is easily recognisable to all users. 

When posting to your Facebook profile, ensure you use visuals alongside your text to grab users attention. Also, become familiar with the various options for posting and feel free to use a scheduling tool so that posts never go out late. Most importantly, you need to be consistent on Facebook. Listen to what your users want and be conscious of what is too much self-promotion. Provide customers with useful information, share tips and provide special promotions and discounts. Also, don’t rule out Facebook advertising. Explore each available option. 

Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media #2: Get Your Restaurant Listed on Yelp

Promote Your Restaurant On Social

If you didn’t know, Yelp is a website where users can leave reviews of restaurants and read your restaurant’s reviews. If you do not yet have a Yelp page, claim yours by submitting your business details to show you are the owner. After you have claimed your page, you can reply to reviews and participate in advertising if you choose. Also, don’t forget to include quality photographs. Yelp is essential as it helps with your local search marketing.


Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media #3: Promote and Share on Instagram

Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media

Instagram is the best place to share your restaurant photos and menus. It integrates with Facebook seamlessly so your photos show on both platforms. High quality photos are essential here. You can also take your menu photos one step further by encouraging customers to upload their favourites. This helps greatly with building your menu of images all the while increasing engagement. Also be sure to always use hashtags on Instagram. You could also try doing some photo contests on Instagram. These can generate customer loyalty as people take and submit their photos, revisiting your profiles to see if they won.

Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media #4: Claim Your Google+ Page

Google’s integrated resources make it simple for diners to leave reviews, upload photographs and browse the latest hotspots. If you don’t have a Google+ page, ensure you claim your page right away. This is also great for local search marketing which is essential for restaurants.

#5: Use Google Alerts

Remain on top of your restaurant’s online photograph. Ensure you set up Google alerts. That way, you can keep track of your restaurant’s mentions online. You will be alerted anytime your name is mentioned. You can also track customer reviews here, both negative and positive. Remember with reviews that it is essential to reply in a timely manner.


There is no excuse to not promote your restaurant on social media. It is a cost-effective method to get more customers through the door. Remember to get on Facebook and Instagram. Claim your Yelp page and Google+ page. Make use of Google Alerts too so you can monitor your restaurant’s success. 



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