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The Top Five Most Instagrammed Foods of 2019 so Far

This article will discuss the foods of 2019, particularly the top Instagrammable meals so far. The popularity of food pictures on Instagram in the past few years has many now renaming the popular photo sharing app as “Foodstagram”. Whether it be a snap of your fancy five-star meal or your Sunday evening spice bag, we are all guilty of it. 

A study by Gousto revealed the top Instagrammed foods around the world in 2019 so far. From Europe to Asia, with many of the most popular dishes coming from the U.S. However, although our Insta-feeds are usually inundated with pictures of heavily filtered avocado-toasts and smoothie bowls, you may be surprised to find these foods didn’t make the top of the list. In fact, they didn’t make the list at all.

According to findings, the top 5 most Instagrammed foods, based on hashtag counts are outlined below.  

  1. Foods of 2019: Pizza

The pizza slice brought in a whopping 38 million posts,  making it top of the mouth-watering Insta-foodie list. Those who have visited or lived in New York City, will know that the pizza slice is a staple food in the diet of the New Yorker. With some slices setting you back only 99 cents, you are rarely left unsatisfied. Cheesy, tomatoey and doughy, proves a very appealing photo opp!

Foods of 2019

  1. Hamburgers

With a juicy 35 million posts, the mouth-watering hamburger finds its way into second place on the list. No food item draws more attention than a hamburger oozing with cheese and all the other trimmings. With some restaurants topping their burgers with everything but the kitchen sink, it is no surprise this food is so photogenic. 

Foods of 2019

  1. Foods of 2019: Sushi 

This versatile Japanese dish is quickly becoming a staple in the diet of many around the world. There is no denying that there is an art to making sushi, resulting in a very visually appealing dish, ideal for the gram! These meticulously sliced pieces of fish, rolled and arranged neatly beside one another brought in nearly 24 million posts.

Foods of 2019

  1. Steak 

Despite plant- based diets taking over the world, the succulent steak still made its way to fourth on the list. Steak photos appeared in over 10 million posts worldwide so far in 2019. Meat-lovers rejoice! It turns out the filet mignon is going nowhere. 

Steak as an Instagrammable Food

  1. Foods of 2019: Macaroons

Coming in fifth on the list, with over five million posts, these little french treats are the only sweet food to make the list. This may come as a shock to many who are used to seeing extravagant milkshakes lavishly iced donuts fill their feed. The miniature french delights, which come in an array of sizes and bright colours serve as a very Insta-friendly pic, apparently!  

Macaroons as an Instagrammable Food


What does this mean for your restaurant? The popularity of Instagram means that people are eating with their eyes more than ever. We can see from this article that these trendy food items have attracted millions of views around the world. As a result, this shows how Instagram is a powerful tool for restaurants. 

Do you post pictures of your menu items on Instagram? Do you think there are other items that should be included on this list? Let us know your thoughts!



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